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    * SPECIAL FOR VPS HOSTING! 16Gb RAM, 2x QC XEON 5345 2.33GHz, 4x500GB SATAII - $79.99 - EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS WITH MINIMAL INITIAL INVESTMENTS! SAVE $150 FIRST MONTH! Apply FIRST_MONTH promotion code and get 2x QUAD CORE Xeon 5345 2.33GHz (8 cores total), 16 Gigs of RAM, 4x500Gb SATAII HDDs RAID10 for only $79.99 first month, 229.99 recurent!

    We glad to offer our enterprise-grade DELL PowerEdge 1950 / 2950 servers hosted at certified SAS 70 type II data center:

    1. DELL PowerEdge 1950 III 2x Xeon Quad Core 5450 3.0GHz 12Mb cache (ONLY 2 ITEMS LEFT)

    Dual CPU: Xeon 5450 3.0 GHz
    RAM: 32Gb ECC
    HDD: 4x500Gb SASTAII 7.2K Perc 5i RAID10
    Free IPs: 4
    DRAC: Included

    $399.99 monthly
    -$150.00 (promo code: FIRST_MONTH)
    $249.99 first month
    Order Now and get 21 day money back guarantee!



    2. DELL PowerEdge 1950 II 2x Quad Core Xeon 5345 2.33GHz 16Mb cache, 8 Cores (6 items available)

    Dual CPU: Xeon 5345 2.33 GHz, 8Mb, 4 Cores
    RAM: 16Gb ECC
    HDD: 4x500Gb SATAII 7.2K Perc 5i 1000Gb of RAID10 SPACE
    Free IPs: 4
    DRAC: Included

    $229.99 monthly
    -$150.00 (promo code: FIRST_MONTH)
    $79.99 first month
    Order Now and get 21 day money back guarantee!

    For us unmanaged doesn't mean helpless! We will be happy to help you with any issue of any complexety and here is how we do it:

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    Q: How much does a CPanel/Windows license cost?
    A: We do not sell any licenses. However, we will be glad to help you install any software that you already have a license for. This way you can purchase your licenses from the vendor you like, at the price you like.

    Q: Where is your datacenter located?
    A: All of our servers located at mission-critical Netriplex SAS 70 type II certified datacenter in Ashville, North Carolina, USA.

    Q: How much does an additional IP cost?
    A: We offer 4 IPv4 addresses for free and any additional IPv4 will cost $1 per IP per month.

    Q: Do you provide a server management option?
    A: We do not provide full management option. You could hire any outsourced management provider you like, if you need it. Nevertheless we will do our best to help you with server configuration.

    Q: What is your typical setup time?
    A: We guarantee that all servers ordered in their default configuration with CentOS 5.5 x86_64 will be delivered within 8 business hours. Custom configurations may take longer, depending on availability of hardware.

    Q: What is your test IP address ?
    A: Feel free to use if you would like to ping one of our servers.

    Q: Do you have a money-back guarantee and how does it work ?
    A: We have a 21-day money-back guarantee. If you happened to change your mind, just let us know and we will gladly refund your purchase. However we would really appreciate your constructive feedback.

    Q: Do you have a network uptime warranty?
    A: Yes we do. Our network will be available 99.95% of time each year.

    Q: What is DRAC and Why do I need it?
    A: Please refer to our knowledgebase article to get an answer.

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