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    Host Mumbles with a VPS?

    Is it possible to host multiple mumble servers from a VPS for example and perhaps make some money out of it?

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    It would be worth a try. You can host multiple VOIP Phones on a Virtual PBX so it should be doable.

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    Anybody else tried this?

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    You can do it depending on the host.If you use an overloaded VPS on some of the cheaper VPS providers out there you might be only able to host 1 or possibly 2. Sometimes you cant even host 1 on the lower end VPS after so many people join. I Had 1 VPS that I could fit 5 people on but after that it became unstable and the Load would be very high and crash the server. and this was a 15$ a month VPS Server. Honestly It would be hard to make money on this project unless you found a very good non overloaded VPS that was cost effective for your budget. You can easily host a 50 man server on 1 VPS. However most people do not need 50 man Servers they need 10-20 and for each instance of mumble the resources will become greater than just more users connecting. This is why most people get a Full Dedicated Server and see how many instances they can run on 1 Server without the Load going high and then see if it is cost effective in competing with other VOIP services out there.

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    it is possible to do this. but you should have a powerful vps and not a overloaded vps for hosting mumble servers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karam94 View Post
    Is it possible to host multiple mumble servers from a VPS for example and perhaps make some money out of it?
    I have been renting out mumble servers for over a 1.5 years. Those servers barely take resources expect bandwidth. You'll not encounter any issues using a VPS.

    To make money u will need an automation. Who want's to setup $5 mumble servers manually + all that hassle with client anyway.
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    The overheads on mumble are incredibly low, if you are crashing a server with 5 people then something is very wrong, but not with mummble.

    As GameFrame says, the issue is the setup, not that it's hard, just a pain to do it manually every time. I have automated it for our use however I am really not sure if there is a commercial type installer out there you could use, perhaps someone else will know.

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