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    Form inpur fields to pdf - Possible?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have to create licenses on a daily basis for various customers, thex text is always the same but the Paypal ID, customer name/address and price field in the PDF form changes all the time.

    I wonder if there isn't a tool out there with a GUI which shows only the fields:

    Paypal ID
    Customer name

    And the trick would be that when I input the variables in these fields, the PDF with the text/license get generated with the correct variables.

    Any idea if there is something on the net doing this type of work? I cannot find any.

    Thank you,


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    If your system is already creating the pdf's, it means you already have something like PDFlib.
    All you need to do is some php coding to pass the variables that you want to appear in the pdf.
    If you can give us some more info, maybe we can help.

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    Hi swifty,

    Thank you for the quick reply,

    No at the moment I haven't got a self generating script, all I want is manually create the licenses from the PC here in the office and then send them by mail to the customer.

    Do you know either a web or desktop application that can let me do that please?

    Thank you,


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    Hope this helps a few people,

    A free alternative to create PDF viao forms:

    Al you have to do is create a simple html form and post the data to this:


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