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    Squid & VPN server management

    We have a squid & vpn server.

    We are looking for 24/7 server management with handling of following basic tasks.

    1. Add / edit / modify users .

    2. Manage IPs assigned to users

    We have web based ldap to create new users. Its a 5 second job with gui.

    Creating a IP auth user will take 30 seconds (no gui)

    As for adding IPs and adding new IP auth users, u need to edit the text files in squid .

    Documentation will be provided for the whole process.

    On a average 10 tickets a day for these basic tasks.

    Once in a while u may have to install new slaves / master. Configs will be provided.
    Quote me your rates for following

    1. Plan a - guaranteed 15 minute response and 1 hour resolution of ticket

    2. Plan b - standard processing time (quote me ur cheapest price with time to process ticket)

    You may also email me your proposals to [email protected]
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    We've emailed you a proposal.

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    Email sent. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

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