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    * Lionese is coming to WHT

    I am a newbie here. Understand that there are a lot of professionals in this Forum so, I would like to learn something from you.

    I am not from IT background but I know a little bit about hosting, domain, CMS, web designing. I am planning to run a blog for myself, so the basic knowledge is a must, am I right?

    I hope to see you around!

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    welcome to WHT !

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    thank you for these URL, labalaba. I have read the rules and guidelines.

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    Welcome to WHT mate. Yeah, this is a great resource in the hosting field. Here you can interact with many knowledgeable people. And you can share your doubts and even your new ideas. I hope you would enjoy your stay here. Best of luck.

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