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    Looking for job (From UK site only)

    Hey guys im just looking for a job online as I run a Ebay business and spend most my time online plus another paid online job.

    I've got about 5+ years experience online as a forum admin/owner/mod/etc.. So if you need someone to run a forum or set one up im your man or like update clients with information and what not.

    I ran a small web hosting site for my friends, family which i closed last year but currently re-opened as im always online now. I know the sales/support part of hosting, and stuff about web hosting. Im not "Keen" on WHMCS as i only used it for about 3 months.

    I like doing graphics (My style). But have done paid graphic requests over the years using Adobe fireworks (aka better then Photoshop )

    I type and speak great english (Duh im english), I can be online from about 10am till about 4am (Most days til the lack of sleep catches up). Im honest as you can see from above.

    All requests welcome, But im only looking for UK maybe EU web sites. Looking for maybe between 30-50 a month but open to offers.

    Email me: [email protected] or add it to Msn.

    I thank you & good night!

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    Hey Man,

    Added you to MSN. Want to talk to you about something.
    Website Design, Website Development, Photography & more!

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    Ok ill wait for the request to come through.

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