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QuadraNet Goes Green – Expands into 8th LA Data Center

QuadraNet, Inc. A leader in data center services with locations in Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; and Miami, Florida is expanding again! We are building our 8th data center at 530 W 6th Street right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.This new addition will be reducing QuadraNet’s carbon footprint and enhancing our efforts to provide a more efficient, earth friendly hosting environment.

What makes this new Data Center different?

One of the benefits of our new data center is the implementation and utilization of ‘Airside Economization’. This engineered solution will drastically reduce the amount of CRAC related energy consumption and costs, while increasing efficiency across the board and providing additional redundant capacity by having less total BTU’s required to be directly cooled by the CRAC’s.
We have put together a brief overview and introduction of the new LAX8-2 datacenter during its final construction phase. The majority of all infrastructure is now in place and is in the final process of being integrated with each other. Turn up is expected in the next few weeks with first client move-in’s occurring approximately at the end of June.
At this current stage, the cabinets, turbines, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) are installed and our contractors are completing the electrical work to deliver power circuits to cabinets.

The solution was designed on a whole to enable QuadraNet to offer environmental efficiency and performance with the ability to direct cooling exhaust directly to each individual cabinet’s intake. The facility is designed in cold row / hot row layout with the hot rows designed to be semi-contained with in-row, cabinet directed heat intakes which expediate the flow of hot server and equipment exhaust directly to the CRAC’s or vented to atmosphere using our air-side economizer. Traditional datacenter designs allow for the hot exhaust to linger in hot rows and eventually make its way back to the CRAC returns, however this allows the exhaust heat to co-mingle with other sections of the datacenter including the cold rows.

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