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    Home server configuration

    Hello guys,

    I am looking for your experience to configure a server.
    I ve made a dedicated server in order to save back ups from some of my stores. So look how this goes:

    I got 2 stores so i need to sent the back ups from those stores to my PC. I could do that with remote ftp but the problem is that i dont have a static IP and the ISP asks about 30 euros per month for a static IP. Do you have any ideas?

    Maybe there is any way to "trace" the dynamic IP with seting up a hostname or something? I cant think any other solutions so any help would be welcome ))

    Thanks in advance!

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    Dynamic dns service
    simplywww: directadmin and cpanel hosting that will rock your socks
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    Where to find such services?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldon View Post
    Where to find such services?
    First link on Google is

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    oh...Thanks a lot!

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