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    I am using everydns but...

    ***Note that services offered by EveryDNS will be discontinued on August 31, 2011 and your user information will no longer be accessible through that site.***
    So, DynDNS is taking ownership of EveryDNS and they will delete all your information unless you are willing to pay for it. It sound extortion.

    I was happy with EveryDNS.

    So, what's free dns can i use now?

    My usage:
    Domains: 6/20
    Records: 34/200

    I used zoneedit but, right now, it is too restrictive, their website suck and now they are charging for almost everything.

    How about? ?

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    if you get a ipv6 account ( free ) you can use their dns services.

    Tbh, I think their DNS services rival some of the most expensive ones out there!
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    I personally use yougetsignal and

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doran View Post
    I personally use yougetsignal and
    those pages are not in any relation with free dns services, just checking tools ...

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    HE is a good choice (probably the best of the free ones in my opinion). There's also a list of many other free DNS providers here.

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    The same problem

    magallanes nice day! Could you find another site to replace the EveryDNS?

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