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    * Pixxa | Join the Cloud | Now online!

    Join the Cloud!
    We've come a long way since we started. Many months of preparations has been passed and finally all our efforts has paid off. We are proud to announce that Pixxa has launched and is open for the public.
    Visit and Join the Cloud today!

    Plans start at €18,- ($26,-) for the following specifications:
    1 CPU core (0.6GHz)
    15 GB disk space
    384 MB RAM
    225 GB bandwidth
    1 IP addresses

    But wait, this is just the beginning. With our 11 plans ranging from 384MB RAM up to 16GB RAM you simply can't go wrong.

    Click here to learn more about our Cloud Hosting plans

    Why choose for Pixxa
    - Hosted in a Cloud with High Availability
    - Dual Hexa-Core nodes
    - SAN storage
    - High quality network
    - No overselling
    - Easy upgrading
    - Full root access
    - Full control panel, including remote management and reinstalls, powered by OnApp.
    - Pay easily online using Credit Card, Paypal

    Please check for all our sexy features!

    Prices are excluding 19% VAT (you only pay VAT if you live in The European Union).
    No setup costs.

    Exchanges / Transit

    Payment options
    Credit Card, Paypal

    For questions you can reach us at info ("at")
    Orders can be placed through the website.

    About Pixxa
    Pixxa is a revolutionary new Cloud Hosting service providing access to on-demand storage, processing and bandwidth.
    Founded in April 2011, Pixxa delivers Cloud Hosting services to consumers and businesses of all sizes around the world.
    Our core product is self-service Cloud Hosting. In just minutes, Pixxa customers can deploy and begin managing existing or new applications and workloads on our easy to use, secure and reliable Cloud platform.
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