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    Hello all, this is my first review, and it's quite detailed so if you wanna get straight to the point, look at the bottom.

    First I'm going to discuss the staff, which is a very important factor when choosing a host.

    Sales Team
    A trend I am noticing with quite a few companies, is a slower than normal sales team. Replies come in a bit slower then I'd hope for, and sometimes not at all with some hosts. The sales team is knowledgeable about what they're selling (nothing sucks more when the sales staff don't fully understand what they're selling!) though sometimes it would take 3-4 days for replies, which isn't bad, but I am quite impatient sometimes xD.

    Technical Support
    Hivelocity has a few managed options, including response time SLA's. However, I'm on a budget and wasn't able to afford adding that on, so our machine is just an unmanaged box. However many of my support tickets are answered within 15 minutes for emergencies (which is usually the only reason I contact support) The billing folks aren't 24/7 so if you need an IP address added you typically only get a response during normal business hours. I sent in a ticket to get additional IP's around 1am and didn't get an answer till around 10am. That a 9 hours response time wasn't so good, but since it was a non-urgent thing it didn't really bother me.

    The very first thing that happened with the server I had was the NIC didn't always start up when the server had a reboot. I didn't know that was the issue, as my server just appeared to be offline. Sent in the support ticket and heard back about an hour later, and they said it's back up. After that I asked them why I wasn't ever able to restart and get back online, and after some investigation they found the NIC would not come online about 50% of the time. Luckily the server had 2 NIC's so it was just a matter of switching it over to the other port. The investigation took another hour, and this all took place between midnight and 2am, when nobody is really online. This box is used for game servers for a gaming community, and most people aren't online that early.

    So yes, when they say 24/7 support they mean it, they do have staff in their data center (yes they do own their own facility!) round the clock, to fix technical issues, though billing and sales likely only operate during normal business hours (like most any host)

    Server Performance
    We've got sort of a custom deal going on, where we were given a partial discount for dropping down to an older 7200rpm 250gb drive. By default all new dedicated machines come with 500gb drives. The 250GB is an older drive, but still has good performance. Probably not as reliable as a newer one, but we keep weekly backups of all our stuff. If you were running a hosting company, I would definitely not do this, as you want the

    Another thing we discussed was dropping our bandwidth. The default is 3TB a month, however the most we would need is close to around 1TB. We were able to get our limit dropped to 2TB. (Again we had to talk with sales about this!)

    That being said.. here's the specs:

    CPU Intel Q6600 2.4ghz
    Memory 8gb DDR2
    HDD 250gb SATAII (older drive)
    Operating System Windows Server 2008 Web SP1 x64
    Port Speed 100mbps
    Bandwidth 2TB
    IP's Currently at 12 (it's just $1 per additional address)

    Network Performance
    The first thing that drew me away from hivelocity when I first saw it was that they only offer hosting in Florida. I live in AZ and I knew my ping was gonna be terrible for gaming, and quite a few other members live on the west coast. However after running a ping test I was quite surprised. Average ping was around 68ms. It's not optimal, but it's still quite playable for most games.

    When I first signed up with hivelocity they were about 50% finished moving to a new data center. Both centers in Orlando. And my new server that I purchased would start up in the new center. Some of their core switching was still in the other center, and there was about 3-4 hours downtime in February for them to put in the rest of the core switching infastructure.

    About once a month they do maintenance on the switches and say there will be about two hours of downtime late in the evenings (2am-3am CDT) but I usually only get 15-30 minutes of downtime, and my server is still running, just the network is down. I have a pingdom tied to my server and you may view it HERE.

    Server Performance and Usage
    At the time of this posting I am running the following game servers:
    2x Minecraft servers 25 players each, 2gb dedicated ram (official EVL servers)
    1x Minecraft server 10 slots 512mb ram (hosting for a friend of mine)
    2x Brink servers @ 16 slots (Official EVL servers)
    1x 16 slot HL2: DM server (Official EVL Server)
    1x Killing Floor server 6 slots (Official EVL server)
    2x 20 slot TF2 Servers (Official EVL Servers) 1 prop hunt, 1 vanilla server
    1x 8 slot L4D2 vanilla server (Official EVL Server)
    average cpu usage is around 50-60% and average memory use is at 5-6gb

    Overall Conclusion
    I am very pleased with hivelocity and I do recommend your use of them. Their staff is very knowledgeable, and have fast respond times. They own the data center they work in which is always a nice benefit as they usually have faster support times. They will cost you a bit more than some other companies, but it's worth every penny. I do plan to update this topic with any additional information I get throughout if anything happens. Though I think it's safe to say that is a professional company that you should feel safe with your money (and your servers!)


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    May I know who your sales rep is? Our Sales Dept is available 9am-3am 7 days/week and you waiting days for a reply to your inquiries is unacceptable. Please PM your reps name if you don't mind so I can get that sorted out.

    Thank you very much for the review. I am happy to hear your are overall happy with our performance so far. Please keep the community posted on how we continue to do for you. Those maintenance windows the last few months you mention are not to be expected every month, we have simply been doing upgrades to our network gear recently.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you need something or ever find yourself waiting longer than a few hours for anything ever again.
    Steve Eschweiler- Hivelocity- Director of Operations
    Bare Metal Servers. Colocation. Private Cloud.
    Customers in over 130 countries. Privately owned and operated data centers.
    Limited Supply Outlet Server Specials

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