I have a customer who would like the following:

A web form with a few text fields and a series of yes/no checkboxes.

The form data then needs to be processed and output (query effectively) so that the text fields are displayed at the top and the query results are displayed in tabular format... i.e. if the user checks YES for question 1 then a certain set of data is displayed in row 1 of the table output, but if they select NO the then row simply has N/A in it.

Further, this needs to be output in PDF format, either by being emailed or displayed in a web browser.

Now I'm not sure of any software that will handle this... although have considered Access but this would require Access hosting, and I have a Linux web server. I cannot code php or MySql only having a basic understanding of both, so could anybody suggest a tool/ form generator out there that could handle this? I did think about possibly adapting the code from a quotation script and input/output might work in a similar way, although output need to be text and not nuemrical.

A Joomla extension would be even better!

Thanks for your help.