ANNOUNCEMENT: DedicatedNOW to Release Managed Private Cloud with OnApp
DedicatedNOW, in partnership with OnApp, will be releasing a Managed Private Cloud solution. Using the OnApp engine, supported by DedicatedNOW infrastructure and advanced hosting expertise, Enterprises can setup and deploy cloud platforms in record time while lowering total cost of ownership.
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Features of the DedicatedNOW Private Cloud:
With DedicatedNOW, you can have a fully scalable, redundant private cloud. Built to your specs, with your own hypervisors, a full GUI to manage, control and provision VM's in, backed by our industry leading SSD/SAS redundant SAN. Your private cloud will be connected to a redundant switch stack via multiple gigabit connections to the Internet and our private SAN network.

  • Reliability.
    Realtime VM failover.
  • Security.
    Strict Access permissions system for both administrators and end users / client.
  • Reassurance.
    Scheduled off site backups and snap shots.
  • Efficient Management.
    Ability to create “gold” templates to quickly spin up new VM's based on a single image in real time.
  • Flexibility.
    Ability to create both windows and linux VM's in the same environment.
  • Performance.
    Performance SSD for high performance database needs.
  • Scalability.
    Scalable horizontally and vertically.


Introducing the OnApp Cloud Engine
OnApp, the leading elastic cloud engine software, makes cloud deployment quick and easy while giving you total control over your resources and users. The OnApp cloud engine turns your hosting infrastructure into a dynamic delivery system for on-demand cloud services. It's a multi-cloud, multi-tenant, multi-OS, multi-hypervisor platform for the deployment and management of public and private clouds.
Click here to view the OnApp Demo.

  • Rapid cloud deployment
    Clouds can be deployed in 24 hours in a typical hosting environment. Virtual machines can be deployed in seconds.
  • High availability
    OnApp clouds have enterprise-class resilience, with multi-layered security, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover.
  • Utility billing
    OnApp lets you bill per hour for your cloud's server and SAN resources (utility billing) or adopt plan-based billing models.
  • Straightforward cloud management
    OnApp makes cloud hosting as straightforward as possible - reducing your overheads, and improving your margins.
  • User management
    OnApp gives you total control of user roles, permissions, resources, limits and pricing.
  • Low cost cloud hosting
    OnApp makes cloud hosting affordable. No up-front license costs, just efficient use of standard hardware, time-saving cloud management and a low monthly fee. And right now, you can even get OnApp for free.


Why our SAN is superior to our competitors?
First, if our competitors don't share their SAN specifics they are hiding something. Our SAN infrastructure is an open book easy to read, but next to impossible to duplicate due to proprietary functionality we have implemented.

It's all About Speed. Our Cloud SAN, is engineered by myself and our technology team. Its specifications are as follows: Redundant Head Nodes with redundant 2x port 10Gpps cards and Redundant SAS 6Gbps wide internal SAS paths. This gives our SAN 24Gbps of speed per SAS Wide Channel, 2 Channels per HBA. We have 2 HBA's per system, giving our SAN 96Gbps of SAS connectivity.

SAN Volume 1. Volume 1 currently has a total of 20 Drives, in diverse JBODS, fully meshed across both head nodes while running RAID10 across both chassis (this is extreme reliability). With 192GB of RAM caching before it hits the SSD Caching on read and write (so we can do a lot of caching on the head nodes before data needs to be written to the SSDs). On Volume 1, we are able to achieve 1600MB/s read and 1300MB/s write. Mind you, Volume1 is our low performance Volume. We also have Volume 2 and 3 which blow this out of the water, in terms of speed and IOPS.

SAN Volume 2. Volume2 which is our SSD volume can achieve 250,000 IOPS and can easily max out a few 10Gbps circuits. So, to convert it into English: almost 16 Gbps (almost 2x 10gbps circuits) and 13 Gbps (a little more than a 10Gpbs circuit) on our standard performance layer SAN.

* Sample Private Cloud Setup

OnApp Control Server
  • CPU: Intel Xeon X3430
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Drives: 2 x 500GB SATA II (RAID1) + 2 x 2TB SATA II (RAID 1)

2 x Hypervisors
  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5620
  • RAM: 24GB
  • Drives: 1 x 80GB SATA II

1TB Industry Leading SAN Storage
20TB Premium Bandwidth on 1000 Mbps Uplink
(Additional Hypervisors and SAN Storage Available)


* About DedicatedNOW

DedicatedNOW has been in business for 13 years. We are a dedicated server provider with more than 5,000 servers in service. DedicatedNOW offers comprehensive and customizable server management, 24/7 Monitoring, Award Winning support and top quality hardware. Checkout DedicatedNOW Today!

WHY DedicatedNOW?
  • In Business 13 Years!
  • Full Server Management!
  • Owned Datacenter
  • Free Control Panel Migration - contact us for details!
  • 24/7 Award Winning On-Site Support!
  • Server-Grade SuperMicro Hardware!
  • Redundant Cisco Powered Network!

Award Winning Support
DedicatedNOW has lead the managed dedicated hosting industry for 13 years. With specialized expertise in advanced server management, DedicatedNOW has the expertise to build even the most complex cloud hosting platforms.

DedicatedNOW SAN Storage - Industry Leading Storage Speed
Every OnApp Cloud deployment at DedicatedNOW has access to DedicatedNOW's lightning-fast SAN Storage Subsystem. With an AMAZING 40Gbps throughput into our SAN Fabric, our SAN is a SAS/SSD Hybrid providing unparalleled performance and redundancy. The DedicatedNOW SAN can achieve speeds up to 1600MB/s Read and 1300MB/s Write out performing any SAN/Cloud solution on the mass cloud market today.

Customized Cloud Setups
DedicatedNOW, the Leader in Complex Hosting, has years of experience in building compex hosting setups. Our OnApp cloud setups can be customized to fit your busines and scale to grow with you. Each server may be customized with additional RAM, drives and CPU capacity. Additional hypervisors and SAN storage can be added as needed.

Getting started with DedicatedNOW is easy. Email our Sales Department today or Call (888)734-9320 for a Free Consultation and Quote.


Dynamic Support team provides proactive full-management from our own Datacenter. Our
24-7 Onsite support staff monitors your server round the clock and responds within moments in the event of an error. DedicatedNOW monitors all servers proactively on up to 10 services (i.e. FTP, HTTP, SQL,
Email) and provides repairs for upon downed service detection.

Our proactive management doesn't stop with server monitoring! Our support team also routinely updates your server's OS with the latest security patches and upgrades to ensure maximum security.

Beyond your server's operating system, control panel and other basic components, DedicatedNOW also offers Best Effort 3rd party application support within 15 minutes. With a Cisco engineer on call 24/7, our Dymamic Support team can handle any emergency at any time, day or night
- with a 30 minute response guarantee and and average response time of
15 minutes. Our support team is available 24/7 via phone and email to provide top-level support when you need it.

For more information on DedicatedNOW's Managed Services, please visit Managed Dedicated Servers.

AWARDS we have received:
  • 2010 Best Service Award from WebHostingSearch
  • 2010 Best Uptime Award from Top 10 Dedicated Hosting
  • 2009 Best Business Hosting with WebHostingSearch
  • WebHost Report Card's Editor's Choice for Managed Hosting
  • Web Host Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for Web Hosting
  • #1 Managed Hosting Provider with Top 10 Dedicated Hosting
  • Top Hosting Choice for 2008 with WebHostingSearch

The DedicatedNOW Network:
The DedicatedNOW Network had 100% Uptime in 2009! Our Cisco Powered Network is redundant down to the switch port level and connects through POPs at 111 8th Ave and 165 Halsey to Six (6!) Tier 1 Providers: Level3, Sprint, Savvis, Nlayer, Telia and Global Crossing!

Test Our Network:
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Existing servers may not be canceled to take advantage of special offers.

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