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    What you think about Life Span of business domains ?

    Last months i begin to see the trend of some business owner for rebranding itselfs.

    For me is somebit strange, because as an example, i have customers with 50 email accounts in their own VPS (too much cpu use because they have alreay opened in Outlool / Outlook express)

    Myself have some domains created in 1995 and 1997, and the majority are 2005 of more, then my domain brand / emails are used in at least 5y period.

    If u are or have webhosting customers, how many time is the life span of the domain ? do u see a trend ?

    If can put the country or morel links with the same issue.

    Each registrar is a tool. Not all Tools are for the same thing

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    First :for email, i always use Google App, is free (until some number of user) and it work pretty fine.

    About the domain age, is about 3 years. Why 3 years?. Because most "new" business does not last the third year. Only a few number of companies last 3 year, and if last then they mostly will be able to last 10 or 20 years.

    Graphically speaking, it is some sort of inverse bell curve

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    Agree with google Apps. I have anyway three customers who are in imap in my own servers and they dont want change.
    Each registrar is a tool. Not all Tools are for the same thing

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    After studying expired domain trends it is usually not more than 4-5 years for many small businesses. If you can survive the initial problems, you can always handle the later difficulties.

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