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    * eulogy for downtownhost/ how downtownhost is so awesome :)

    Less than a year ago I came to this forum after having tried many other places, searching for a reliable web hosting company. After checking with other reviews and ignoring many of the bigger names out there (which btw are all that people in my country are familiar with)I chose to go with, mainly because they had the uniqueness of a 24x7 chat for support. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but now its more than 6 months and I am yet to face any issues.

    At least, two times I have been rescued by downtownhost when I was in a major fix. One of those involved an incident when I had to give a presentation of my newly launched website( before some govt. officials and the site was not opening due to some reason. Thanks to their chat support and prompt replies the site was opened in a jiffy and I could save face before some important people.

    Especially the support staff of Sebastian Mateo and Ben Foreman have been very efficient and ever helpful. Thank you guys.

    Wish some of our Indian companies learnt about 'professionalism' from these guys.

    Great job. Keep it up and I hope to use downtownhost as my preferred host next year too. Your online chat support is a BIG BIG plus point over other hosting providers and I hope you will continue to retain the feature.

    Thank you downtownhost and thank you to Web hosting talk.


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    Thanks for the nice review.
    Downtownhost is a great host to host your websites on. Good Job DownTownHost.

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    Good to know, thanks for the review.

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    Good to hear Jedito keeps the same level of support that was in my days. Please keep us updated about your experience with them.

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    That would be really nice to hear your next review. They have only good reviews here and over there.
    I assume that will be the same nice one?
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    Thank you for sharing your thought on DTH. As always Jedito and team is getting compliments for their great service. Kudos to them. Waiting to hear further feed back from you after a couple of months.

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    Thanks for the review, I myself host with them to, and I'm very pleased as well (and have posted a review on here too )

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    Thank you very much for your kind words
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    I have recently become annoyed with DownTownHost because of a pretty simple problem.

    I am unable to access the SSL version of cPanel on my shared server. The non-SSL cPanel works but I do not wish to use this.

    They fixed this. It broker 2 days later. I raised it again, they fixed it. It broker again 2 days later. And so on.

    This is now the FOURTH time I have told them to fix it. I have an email template ready so I can e-mail them the next time it breaks.

    If DTH management is reading this, can you please make sure other customers are not handled in the same way as it's a real turn off.

    Edit: It's still broken, I have raised a support request but it has not been dealt with yet.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience,
    Myself happy hosted with NinjaLion before, and somehow they are related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedito View Post
    Thank you very much for your kind words
    Good Job Mate

    It's certainly refreshing to see that hard work pays off in the end

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