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    Looking for (cloud ?) webhosting with EU datacenters

    Hey fellas,

    Im looking for reliable cloud or non cloud webhosting with good uptime and "ninja" technical/support team.

    Atm im hosted at MediaTemple and im getting very low server speed (here in France) and as im targetting french visitors i have to move to another one wich have datacenters in europe and why not in France.
    I tried but theire beta cloud hosting doesnt offer non us cloud locations, also tried with no satisfaction.

    Any advise ? (ill be running a new high tech wp blog and my portfolio)

    Thank you and sorry for my english, im french btw

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    I suppose you'd better do some search for FR based DC.
    Make a request in the FIND A HOST section here and that will help you.

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    I'd say avoid cloud for the moment, it's not all it's made out to be,
    It's been marketed in the complete wrong way and people aren't understanding exactly how it works.

    For true cloud hosting, you'll be paying per day/hour, but shared cloud is only beneficial if it's servers are configured specifically for what your going to be using it for.
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    Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason tech support have to be ninjas?
    Btw, you didn't gave any particular requirement... Check out Ovh, I'm pretty sure they're quite fast in France (and Europe).

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    Go for SpeedySparrow Shared Cloud hosting.

    I live in India and My sites are hosted in a DECENT US server of MDDHosting. Yet, my sites load very fast from India. The speed depends greatly on how many and how much resource-heavy sites are hosted on the same server.

    I'll only recommend you SpeedySparrow if you want a shared cloud hosting, You'll get fast and reliable servers (LiteSpeed powered), Superb Tech Support, Good uptime etc.

    Best non-cloud hosting : MDDhosting.

    Both the owners of MDD and SpeedySparrow are active in this forum and their reputations are also high among webmasters or normal members. I have'nt read a single negative review of these two.

    BTW, SpeedySparrow's DC is in New Jersey, not that much distance from France.

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    Sorry to see you are having issues. Let us know if there is anything we may be able to help you with. If you are still interested in staying at (mt), you may want to check out our CDN. It may help alleviate the exact problem you are having .
    Media Temple Customer Support
    Webhosting @

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