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    Talking College Entrance Exam for Student Athletes

    Time limit for completion: 3 weeks. Begin immediately or whenever.

    1. What language is spoken in France?

    2. Give a dissertation on the ancient Babylonian Empire with particular reference to architecture, literature, law, and social conditions

    - OR

    Give the first name of Pierre Trudeau.

    3. Would you ask William Shakespeare to

    a) build a bridge
    b) sail the ocean
    c) lead an army or

    4. What religion is the Pope?

    a) Jewish
    c) Hindu
    d) Polish
    e) Agnostic

    5. Metric conversion: How many feet is 0.0 meters?

    6. What time is it when the big hand is on the 12 and the little
    hand is on the 5?

    7. How many commandments was Moses given? (approximately)

    8. What are people in America’s far north called?

    a) Westerners
    b) Southerners
    c) Northerners

    9. Spell - Bush, Carter, and Clinton

    Bush: ______________________
    Carter: ______________________
    Clinton: ______________________

    10. Six kings of England have been called George, the last one being George the Sixth. Name the previous five.

    11. Where does rain come from?

    a) Macy’s
    b) Kmart
    c) Canada
    d) THE SKY

    12. Can you explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

    a) Yes
    b) No

    13. What are coat hangers used for?

    14. The Star Spangled Banner is the National Anthem for what country?

    15. Explain Le Chateliers Principle of Dynamic Equilibrium - OR
    spell your name.

    16. Where is the basement in a three story building located?

    17. Which part of America produces the most oranges?

    a) New York
    b) FLORIDA
    c) Canada
    d) Wisconsin

    18. Advanced math: If you have three apples, how many apples do you have?

    19. What does NBC (National Broadcasting Corp.) stand for?

    20. The Cornell University tradition for efficiency began when?

    a) B.C.
    b) A.D.

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    I can't take this thing without my notes! This had better be an open-book exam!
    Is Canada the best? Noo Doot Aboot It!
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    Oh man that's funny because it's so true. Meanwhile I was offered a place at a university I forgot I’d even applied to. As a part of their enrollment process every student has to sit a literacy exam... stupid because most applicants have only just sat their university entrance exams (English is compulsory) and those who haven't just sat that have been in another university and are likely to be post-graduates. Kinda sad that they accept you then want you to sit another exam, I wonder if the offer is revoked if you bomb out in that exam.

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    1)English - yes the french can speak english too
    2)Do you mean the first name he had, or his first name?
    3)I'd like to see him build an'd be pretty cool if the guy could write and fight.
    4)I never came up the last time we talked.
    5)This damn ruler only shows inches....
    6)I called my sister in chicago. She said 5, so here in new york it'd be 6.
    7) Two. Ketchup and Mustard. My friend moses really needs to stop eating those hot dogs...too unhealthy - especially with those commandments.
    8)My aunt always calls us westerners. Damn brits are just too funny. We are totally east of them.
    9)This was hard...I asked my mom on this one.
    10)I don't know all the last names.
    11)I get mine from Jewel...did you know that snapple makes those? Fire is definitely my favorite.
    12)This one was just too easy...the answer is sooo obvious
    13)Opening locks
    15)Equilibrium that is dynamic is Le Chateliers principle.
    16)As soon as you walk in our front door, you go down the hall and it's the second door on your right.
    17)Definitely New York. The jewel has like hundreds and hundreds of them every day. They're never out of them.
    18)Nine counting the six i have downstairs.
    19)Channel 5

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    Another reason why we need to remove most sports from schools. There are other countries that do not pay the amount of attention we do on high school football and get better scores.
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    hey guys , athletes are some of the smartest people in the world , look at darryl strawberry

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    And Mike "I don't think Jesus exists, but if he did, I bet he'd have a few beers and smoke some weed with me" Tyson.
    Is Canada the best? Noo Doot Aboot It!
    "And on the WHY WAS HE HAVING SUCH A BAD DAY?" -- Mick Foley

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