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    VPS for a GPT/PTC site

    I had in the past a VPS with 1 GB RAM + burst 1 GB and it could not face the load (when a cron started, the server was not sending the sites to the visitors for a few minutes).
    For a few months I had a cloud hosting plan for 6.99$, that worked ok until a few days ago when server problems started (and even today exist).
    Now I try to choose between a VPS that can face Aurora GPT 5.5 resources req, and a plan only for the GPT site, that will probably be around 8$, to other host.
    If I choose a VPS, I need to find one that is 18$ bucks max (I will host also other blogs and sites on it).
    What do you think will be best?
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    I am co-founder of one of the top GPT sites and am the tech admin of the same. It is running since 3 months now and all I found is that GPT sites are database server intensive. so, all you need is a faster hard drive. You don't need very high RAM or CPU.

    If your GPT site has more traffic then I am afraid you can not get the enough capacity server at $18. Because if I were you I would have spent some more bucks and get the VPS with faster hard drive such as SAS 15k or Intel SSD.

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    There are a few hosts the specialize in GPT/PTC high resource hosting. Aurora is a nasty script if you send any email with it, otherwise it is rather tame, but still very mysql intensive. Sending email with it is one sure way to get banned or destroy your VPS. PTC Evo is much better at that task, but I also understand it is not a $5 throw away script either.

    How much traffic does your site have, that will tell alot of what type of plan you would need as you are probably better off on shared/reseller hosting of one of the better GPT hosting companies who have servers built for your needs. - High Resource Hosting
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    What exactly are you running? Are you optimizing anything? Don't use a control panel or anything.

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    I have chosen MadeRite Hosting, the 10$ plan (shared).
    I have around 25-35 GB traffic.

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