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Thread: SEO Score?

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    SEO Score?


    I am pretty new to all this SEO stuff and was wondering if anyone can let me know how I am doing.

    My website URL is

    At the moment I am focusing on getting to the top of search engines so I have done a little work (within my knowledge limits) on SEO.

    Could I get some 'professional' views on how I have done, and some tips and tricks you guys use.

    Domaintools says my SEO score is 94% but wether that is accurate or not I don't know.


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    Your site is not opening i try so much time firstly check it then come again. you should get relevant data for your site that is the main key factor for you.
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    The page took some time to load for some reason and the menu buttons aren't loading for me, but it looks decent enough.

    By the way what keyword for the google search are you trying to rank for?

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    Your site will not open for me either
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