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    Host for small gardening business

    Firstly, apologies, I appreciate this type of question must have been asked a thousand times, but I'm really just looking for a bit of guidance.

    I've been looking through this Forum and some of the adverts on the 'Find a Host' link.

    I have a small gardening business UK. I have created a simple website (10-20 pages) with information and pictures about the business. Total size at the moment is approx 50MB. I want to move away from my current host.

    The website is used purely to display information and to try and attract new customers.

    Please can someone recommend to me a few hosts that could provide a very basic simple hosting service, with little or no support required.

    Many thanks.
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    Is the site a wordpress site ? What is your budget? According to your budget we will be able to suggest you a host.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reporter77 View Post
    I have a small gardening business UK. I have created a simple website (10-20 pages) with information and pictures about the business. Total size at the moment is approx 50GB.
    50GB sounds like quite much for 10-20 pages and some pictures. Do you mean this is your disk space usage or perhaps monthly bandwidth usage? - Providing a better web hosting experience since 2001
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    Wow, 2 replies within a minute, amazing, thanks!

    No it's not Wordpress.

    In terms of budget, cheap as possible. We are probably only getting a max of 100 hits per month.

    Sorry about the other typo, should be 50-100MB !

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    u can always state you space needed and bandwidth requiremnet.

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    50GB is for viewing purposes is really big.
    can you provide your budget range ?
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    Would you want to be hosted in the UK or are EU/US possible options?
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    u wanted as an offshore or onshore

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    IMO you are best off looking at the Hosting section here and going with a host the has servers in the UK (preferably) as it will help with the loading time of your site (I will say that I have clients who prefer to host their sites in the US even though their clients are in the UK)

    Just be careful of too much for too cheap it normally ends in tears.
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    I would suggest checking with some hosts from this site. With what you are talking about hosting, I would think any shared hosting plan would be just fine if it is from a decent company. Just search the forums and check out a few hosts before making a decision and I am sure you will end up with a good provider. Good luck in your search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ynj90 View Post
    u wanted as an offshore or onshore
    The OP does not need offshore hosting.

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    I recommend looking at Hostgator for a no-fuss experience considering your site is small. Their help and support pages are pretty comprehensive for their services. There are a few UK users on the servers despite it being state-side.

    Also, the last tip in that thread about using Cloudflare is a good idea if you end up having lots of large images and are still worried about speed.

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    Also check eUKhost.
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    I second choosing HostGator, they are great when it comes to reliable service and support. Their prices are pretty good too and should suffice for the requirements you listed.
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    For a site that size, I tend to recommend to people in the UK. Inexpensive (£24/year). Reliable (servers are always very responsive). Good support (UK based, phone support, been around for years).

    Only downsides are if you particularly need / want an industry standard control panel (such as cpanel) or if you want to host more than one domain hosted under one account. (If you host more than one domain with them, you get to have them all in one account, but you have to order a fresh package for each one, so it gets pricey).

    Don't know why they aren't talked about around here much - my experiences have only been good.
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