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    Exclamation Is your business affected by recession?

    This question is more addressed to the established hosting businesses than to the new entrants. Thanks.

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    I would say our business hasn't been much effected, however we've been here since just 2008. I'd love to hear from those web hosts that started in the late 90's.

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    Not many companies got affected by recession. Only few companies mostly hight revenue generating companies got affected by recession.

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    I just started my hosting company a month ago, and seriously started attempting to get customers the last two days. So i have no idea whether i was affected...

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    This thread is addressed to the established hosting businesses than to the new entrants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shovenose View Post
    I just started my hosting company a month ago, and seriously started attempting to get customers the last two days. So i have no idea whether i was affected...
    lmfao i seriously doubt you were affected
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    Lol well hopefully then i wil be un-affected as long as the economy keepps getting better

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    I think its more manufacturing that was affected by the last recession, The world economy seems to be slowing down again.

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    I suppose that depends. If your main clients were from the places where people were not so rich and now very poor that might be right to talk about recession.

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    I would say not, especially due to international clientele.

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    Even though we are growing, of course our bottom line is affected by the recession.
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    In some ways yes, in some ways no. Primarily we have seen an influx of customers expanding their web presence as they deviate away from your typical brick and mortar business. Other customers have unfortunately migrated away as they seek cost savings. Many loyal customers eventually return however as they then realize the statement "you pay for what you get" continues to be true in an ever increasingly competitive environment.
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    We have been around since 1996 and yes it affected us in some ways. Clients that had "extra" stuff, that was not a priority to their established business, scaled back some. More compacting and growing out server space was done instead of just expanding to new servers. Everyone wanted to see where corners could be cut and where monthly charges could go down some. New clients want the most bang for their buck. Doesn't matter what part of the country or world people are from, it has been a rough spell and everyone still has bills and needs to eat. BUT if you provide a service that people need then there is business to be made. Main thing is to treat every customer the best you can and make them feel important and worth your time. In the end every dollar matters to the bottom line.

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    It depends what your target market is.

    I know of smaller hosts who only do small businesses and they were fine.
    I know hosts for people with personal webspace, They were fine.

    However i know of hosts who deal with medium / large businesses and they were effected.
    This is mostly from larger businesses folding an taking .5Mil with em each time in hosting / connectivity fees.

    So yeah, Mostly larger suppliers in my experience got effected the most
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    We have been hosting and developing websites since 2005-2006 and haven't seen a decline because of the economy. With the internet being the new marketplace, I think things will stay steady and hopefully grow more.
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