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    Domain Reseller Reviews & Recommendations

    <<snip>> I was going to use as our domain reseller. However lately I have been hearing that ResellerCore has had some issues with failing domain registration on some level whether its with the main reseller with seems odd. I have used them off and on for a period of 5+ years with other companies with no issues.

    However I have started to see some bad reviews witch causes concerns for me as of lately.

    Which domain resellers do you use. The only reason I used was that they do not require you to pre-fund your account in order to use their services and that you need only fund your account when you get a sale of a domain or other services you resell using their services.

    Please help with your recommendations on a good stable reseller, preferably that does not require prefunding if at all possible.
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    ResellerClub is a leading domain reseller however it needs approximate $100 pre fund. I think pre fund is not bad idea if you are seeking reliable and trusted reseller for long time.

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    ResellerCore themselves seems to be a reseller of ResellerClub or some other registrar using LogicBoxes.

    With most of the reseller system you need to pre-fund your account, some needs small amount some has a lower limit set.

    Keeping above in mind have a look at

    The original:

    Other using same platform:

    You may also try with some other reseller of ResellerClub or may like to switch to Enom or their resellers.
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    you can also use they have approx 3.4 million domaisn under management. Ist a company of they have a very good api

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    I am thinking in return around the half of my customer domains to reseller club. Others will be in srsplus. Srsplus is different because have a static price, but no way to segment your customers by market.

    I am thinking in use in srsplus the customers who have domain with me as part as a deal, and customers who need private whois or people who normally dont pay in time.
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