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    How does search engines rank web pages?

    Can anybody tell me How does search engines rank web pages?
    And How can increase web site PR..? Please describe the Methods.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Search engines rank a web page or website on the basis of several parameters such as backlinks, content quality, bounce rate, site speed etc. These are some known parameters while besides it search engines use many other parameter to give rank. You should use all seo channels to increase web site PR including directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, social networking, comment posting forum posting etc.
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    Search Engines rank web pages based the on page and off page SEO. Both on page and off page SEO are required to get top rank in search engines.
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    you know what basically you need good pr link and if you need good pr then try to get some good pr link spend 3 or more hours on net and get 6 to 7 links this is better for your website
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    Many factors and different from search engine to another like external links, internal links, page rank, h1, h2 tags and unique content.
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    Have a SEO Report fro your site so you know what to do with it. It will help you to analyze everything and for you to get rank.
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    Maintain a weekly google analytics report, analyze the report and take further steps for better improvement.
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    almost you are mentioned all tips but I like one more very impotent tip.
    Yes, Facebook fan page and like button on website.
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    Not only facebook, we can use many other social networking site buttons like twitter, linkedIn etc.
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    They rank web sites/pages via their own algorithm and set of rules. That includes, site content and structure. off page seo factors and many more.
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    Search engines are increasingly using social factors to help determine rankings. More importantly, social media marketing is a great way to reach targeted prospects, and doesn't involve half the monkeying around waiting for Google that SEO does, so I suggest you use Twitter to spread your message.
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    i think that daily change content of his website then site PR increase

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    It will not make any sense of changing content daily to increase site PR.
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    Thumbs up

    anybody tell me that i am right
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    Hi ! Friends...

    Thanks To All Of YOU For Nice Sharing Information About Search Engine Web Page Rank.
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    Hello ! Guys..

    Something I know about Search engine web page rank process is that, search engines use mathematical formulas to determine the rank of a web page.These mathematical formulas are called ranking algorithms. Although search engines don't reveal the exact algorithms.
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    I sure every search engine act differently when it comes to listings.
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    There is too much to mention however it is based on relevance and authority.

    Some good free tools to "help" are provided for you below.

    Wish you luck!
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