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    Unlimited? and website desigh


    Some friends and i are starting a web hosting company and we are about to rent a server from Singlehop (the website is currently hosted at hosting24). Our server has 30TB of bandwidth and i was going to offer unlimited bandwidth to all plans, but going through some threads i noticed alot of people stay away from "unlimited" hosts. We haven't made the plans cement yet and currently there low with 15GB at 4$ and $15 is 250GB disk space, now we do not plan to oversell like crazy of we do have overselling we will to it very carefully as the costumers comes first.

    Would having unlimited bandwidth make it attractive or unattractive?
    and if you think the disk space is stupid then go ahead and say it i don't mind a bit of constructive criticism.

    and currently the site looks like this interteque dot come (cant post urls) (note it is a prototype thatch the slider has same image) and i have been told it sucks (i haven't finished yet) do you think i should scrap it?

    We want to host very reliable service and have awesome support (we will follow up on closed tickets ask the client if there site is working as they would like it etc)

    Thanks in advanced

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    Unlimited can be both attractive and unattractive. People who know that unlimited is just a gimmick will stay away. On the other hand the people who doesn't will be attacted.

    As for your design, I think you should get a better design. You should get it designed by a professional designer. Or if you can't afford a unique design, you can get really cheap designs at themeforest.

    I hope that helps. Good luck.
    Sajid Iftekhar - Web Design Portfolio

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    Thanks Alot, so instead of unlimited should i just offer a large amount?

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    Offering too much isn't a good idea either. Just keep what you're offering at a moderate level so that people won't think you are overselling too much. You can look at the plans of other web hosts to get an idea of the pricing.
    Sajid Iftekhar - Web Design Portfolio

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