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    inurl upload.php

    I was looking through my awstats log and saw that someone had been searching 'inurl upload.php intext powered by' and got to my website.

    Now, my first question is - is this someone looking for an exploit?

    If so, how easy is it to remove this exploit from my website?

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    They probably were looking for an exploit of some sort.

    The easiest way to remove the exploit from your website is to take the whole thing offline forever and go live in a log cabin in the woods. Problem solved.

    Or you could, you know... keep your software up to date, find which page they ended up at and talk to the developers to see if there's anything you should be concerned about.

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    make sure you also have mod_security configured to fight these kind of vulnerability attacks
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    Thats a "Google Hack". The bad guys look for the string in good searches, and if they find it they hit your site. There are modsecurity rules that specifically look for that and will block the reconnaissance part of the attack with a fake 404, which will send the badguys off to look a different system.
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