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    Looking For: SolusVM + OpenVZ + XEN Expert

    We are looking for someone to help us migrate an OpenVZ node (hosting linux vpsís) and an XEN based node (hosting windows vpsís) to two new servers in a different DC. We do have backups of all vps's so it may be easier to just migrate from restoring those. We use SolusVM as well so we need someone who can setup the two new servers correctly and add them to solusvm, then migrate the vpsís and assign new ips. We do have a budget, so please include your bid in your message to us. Please, only people who are very experience in this kind of work. If you do a good job, we would like to hire you on a monthly term for management of the nodes if thatís something you are interested in doing.

    Contact: [email protected]

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    I sent you an email!


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    Email sent. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

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    You have probably done this by now, if not let us know and we can get it sorted out

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