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    Virtual Desktop hosting


    do you know why virtual desktop hosting not is so present as virtual server or cloud?

    do u think that there isnt market yet for virtual desktop? i dont have found any offer for xendesktop hosting

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    You can install it yourself on any VPS.

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    Openvz will give you a error message but it will be working.

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    every reply is out of topic, i dont have ask how to install it, i am asking if is there MARKET for virtual desktop, i am asking this bcs i dont see any vd offer online

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    not really. xendesktop's licensing is going to be more than anyone is willing to pay for "a budget desktop"

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    There are places that sell virtual desktops but in windows form. It would be simple to setup linux with a desktop like gnome and connect via vnc...

    And if your looking around and dont see offers then it means demand isn't there...

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    i not looking for a virtual desktop offers... i want know only if is there MARKET SALES for virtual desktop, it's strange that there are a lot of offer for vps and not for vd

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    There is. Some hoster take a one time fee for make a such setup on a VPS. I hope I understood your question correctly now.

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