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    The Best Web Building Tool for my Dad

    Hi All,
    My 60 year old father has no web design experience but would like to design and maintain a website. He would like to write inspirational articles about faith and the like on the site every few weeks.

    He needs some kind of an easy to use website builder; does anyone know of such a thing? It would be worth him paying extra every month if there's a web tool on a hosting plan that works well, or he could use a standalone program.

    Thanks much,

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    Your best bet is wordpress (web content management software). Make sure your dad's web host supports it, then ask help on it's set up.

    Find more info here:

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    and make sure he uses cpanel to manage the server. it makes it very easy!
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    Get a wordpress blog and install a good looking pre-made template (there's thousands of those available for free). Once it is ready, he will just have to update with new article through admin panel.
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    I would agree that Wordpress is a very easy tool for website building and management. For simplicity, he can always start of using templates.
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    +1 more for WordPress

    I've put a couple of friends that don't want to learn much on it, and my ~60 year old mom is using it to manage 4 sites for their businesses.

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    WordPress is easy to use CMS, Web pages can be managed very easily. It has hundreds of plugins, user friendly and ready to use.

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    i think you can go with word press you can use easily and it will be done quick

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    Another vote here for Wordpress. It is very user friendly and most hosts support it.

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    WordPress Vs Joomla, which one do you prefer and why?

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    Joomla is more powerful. You can plug in lots of functionality to your site and its less "bloggy".
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    Can use RVSiteBuilder to create basic static CSS/HTML websites.
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    Use Wordpress, very new user friendly, anyone can set up and get ready in minutes.
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    Search bluevoda or bluehost they have a easy drag and drop website builder and a one click page publishing system, its amazing.

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    Thanks for the many helpful replies. I'll let him take a loot at wordpress and the other options and see what he likes.

    Much appreciation,

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