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    Hosting industry should fight back

    Being in the web hosting industry for many years it always irks me if software or system developers so easily blame WEB HOSTS for problems and I think it's time to fight back.

    The new dovecot email system on cpanel servers solve problems with blackberry connections but there are still a huge number of isp's that use the trusted and stable Courier email software that don't work well with blackberry's.

    I am not an expert but in this case I think it's BLACKBERRY that ignored the standard email protocols in their devices but then BLAME ISP's for the problems.

    What do you think???

    Also, just today a client complained and want to move to other host because websitex5 told him our security is to tight and we don't host banks etc. (When a client place an order they get a blank email without the ordering data)

    Have a look what say websitex5 here.

    On the one hand blame websitex5poor quality Unix mail transfer agents and low quality servers for problems but at the same time say they our server's security is too tight????

    What do you think??

    (We migrated from old servers to new servers and the most important security changes is to enable suPHP and suHosting)
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    While it is true that the customer is the king, it is also true that the customer is someone who is never satisfied. The right thing to do is to educate the customers so that they know what they get and what they don't in shared hosting. I have experienced customers who move away to other hosting providers because the rival hosting company promises them something which we may not be giving and that too at cheaper rates. However, the customers often tend to overlook or rather not look into the ToS of the hosting companies.
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