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    Server / RELOCATE / HELP please?

    1. Dell, Power Connect 2216 (#1 Identical)
    2. Dell, Power Connect 2216 (#2 Identical)
    3. Cisco, Catalyst 2950 Series Switches
    4. Cisco, 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers
    5. SonicWall, TZ 170 25 Node
    6. DSL Modem (3 Mbps/700 Kbps)
    7. Server 1
    8. Server 2
    9. (SwitchBoard on wall) needing to send data to 8 jacks

    #’s 1-8 are on a rack and #9 is on the wall connected (cat 5 wires) to 8 data jacks in the office. We moved to new office and this is what we had running the server with no problems at the old office. This office is a tad smaller, I would like to know what functions these items have and why they are needed #’s 1-5. All the PC’S are Window’s also.

    I have am somewhat technology able, but I do not know much about servers. I do not know how to hook this up at the new office. Some one please help me and explain in detail. Also if there is something that is not needed let me know as well, because here since there are only 8 jacks I do not think we need (2) “Dell, Power Connect 2216” and I am so confused because I thought the “SonicWall” was a router, but what why was the “Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers…” needed as well?

    The way I was thinking of connecting the system up is…
    DSL MODEM → CISCO 2800 → DELL POWER CONNECT → SERVER 1&2 + SWITCH BOARD (on wall- for wall jacks) and how do I setup give the server the new static ip (I already have it along with, dns) I am so lost you all Please help me.

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    My advice would be to get the people that installed it in there if the first place and ask them for some help in this..

    Failing that I would write down all the ip address used in the current system and then make a spreadsheet and map them 1 to 1 with the new ip's


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    Sonicwall is not a router or a switch, but a hardware based firewall/security appliance. It looks like you are running some kind of audio/video streaming with these systems.
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