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    Affordable SSL with some requirements?

    My budget for an SSL certificate is about $80. I know there are are tons of cheaper certificates, but they have drawbacks, especially when it comes to the customer clicking on the browser lock or the seal for further information.

    Here are my requirements. Any help is appreciated. I would also like to see them in an actual site to see what exactly they display in the browsers.

    * When clicking on the browser lock, it doesn't say that it's verified by EssentialSSL, RapidSSL, PositiveSSL, or similar. For example, the Comodo certificate says "Verified by EssentialSSL" in Google Chrome.

    * It has some type of seal that displays some specific information on the site. I currently have an EssentialSSL, and apparently this one in particular does not offer a personalized seal.

    * The seal should not say positiveSSL, EssentialSSL, or anything like that. I would prefer a name with some kind of reputation.

    * It doesn't require DUNS registration, incorporation docs, attorney letters. We are a small business site, so we don't currently have any of that.

    * It shouldn't take weeks to process. We're going live in a few days.


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    When it comes down to affordable SSL's contact these folks at https://www.**************.com/index.aspx

    They do have a support phone number and support desk plus the sell a wide range of SSL at affordable prices. I am sure they will be able to help you out. Hosting Solutions Since 2004
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    Sorry looks like there link is cut out of WHT. Hosting Solutions Since 2004
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    Those are not unknown names. I believe many have heard of PositiveSSL and RapidSSL. If you would like a more recognised brand, I suggest getting SSL123 by Thawte, a very trusted brand and one of the oldest in SSLs.

    is selling them for $39.
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    the best prices for the SSL certificate try the Namecheap or "Rapid ssl online" (for some reason this one word is cut out)
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    Shouldn't be hard at all, GoDaddy has some affordable SSL's as well when you their coupon codes. Curious to see who this censored company is

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    I read somewhere that WHT is affiliated with one particular SSL provider.

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    My personal favorite SSL provider is NameCheap. I would check them out.

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    1+ for buying from NameCheap. Their prices are great, and support is very good as well. I believe RapidSSL displays "Verified by GeoTrust" when clicked on the browser now. We currently use COMODO and recommend it as well.
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    GeoTrust SSL Certificates Are Great, many companies, have great prices on them If you look in the advertising forums some companies advertise deals on ssl certificates.

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    I,d take alook at:

    Same Certs, Low Price - The slogan says it all

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    Quote Originally Posted by HostLeet View Post
    I believe RapidSSL displays "Verified by GeoTrust" when clicked on the browser now.
    No. It shows "Verified by RapidSSL CA".

    I used Comodo before. I recommend them.
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    versign ssl is most popular on the market. but startssl seems good as well, they even offer free ssl service.

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    AlphaSSL is the cheapest certificate that will give you a personalized dynamic SSL seal (showing your domain and validity period when you click on it). This says "Verified by Alpha CA".

    If you want something with a bit more "trust" behind the name, I would look at GlobalSign DomainSSL. I'm sure you can find a company that sells them at the price your looking for (hint: look for resellers in the offers sections). This has all the perks of AlphaSSL and say "Verified by GlobalSign". In addition, the dynamic seal would say GlobalSign.
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