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    two brands to sell hosting services?

    Hi, I have a hosting company for many years where we offer quality services.

    Now I'm thinking of creating a new brand to offer cheap hosting and domains. The problem I see is that any customer can see that both companies are the same and this would adversely affect my main company.

    How is your experience with this?

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    Why would it? Multiple companies do so and don't seem to have too much problems. As long as every brand delivers equally good service, I don't get where the problem is.
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    Just target a different market with your second brand - there are lots of companies that do this - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    This is actually a common business tactic for web hosting companies. A great example would be BlueHost and HostMonster. They are the same company. BlueHost specializes in business class web hosting and it is a little more expensive. HostMonster specializes in personal web hosting and is cheaper.
    If you hide it well, you should have no problem running 2 brands under one company.

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    It should not be a problem at all, and you don't need to worry about it - As long as you could deliver great products/services for both of your different brands to your customers.

    I've seen many companies use this method and they have 2nd, 3rd or more brands under the same company.
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    Compare with your competitors who has done the same thing as of you. See their mistakes and you try not to make that mistakes.

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    No issues seen. Many companies do it. We have in the past had 2 brands operating independently as well.
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    The thing to be careful with is ensuring that you don't just produce two similar brands. You want to have clear differences between your brands so that they ideally target separate market demographics.

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