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    Dedicated Server provider allowing gratuitous ARP.


    I'll have to setup a small two node HA-Cluster for a customer in the US.

    There will be circular mysql replication between the two cluster nodes.
    All needed files will be synced using lsyncd.
    I will setup heartbeat to do the clustering.

    The customer is currently hosted at a big provider, who does not support gratuitous ARP. (As a former scriptkiddie I completely see why )

    What I am now looking for is a provider who would allow such a setup or a something similar to Stratos ClusterIP service.

    Any recommendations?



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    I don't see why this should be a problem, so long as you notify your provider in advance so they can be on the look out for this pattern.

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    Nay, the customer is hosted at 1&1. We've talked to them, but they don't seem to support this kind of setup.
    They will probably have some NIDS running or some semismart switch which will take the given port off the wire, if there a being gratuitous ARP-replys sent from this port.

    Has anyone here experience with 1&1 and HA-Clusters?


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