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    iWeb's Smart Layer Vs. Liquidweb's Smart Servers

    moving from dedicated server to these new Smart XXXXXX fully managed offerings for scalability in future without the need to move from hardware to hardware.

    so confused which company togo for, so said let me ask the experts.

    which and why?

    i think liquidweb scaleup in 5 mins downtime where iweb's needs 20mins downtime, can anybody confirm?


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    iWeb servers are based in Canada and LiquidWeb has their servers in US. If you are getting the same specs for the same price, the decision could come down to the location.

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    In terms of location, iWeb's servers are in the Montreal area, which is actually a pretty decent location for the East Coast U.S. as well. I've seen amazing round the world scores for the sites they host, though.

    I suppose, since you're investing a bundle on dedicated, you might want to check their sites with a round-the-world tracking service and see what sort of performance you can get if you intend to have a global presence.
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