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    cooling pad along with laptop ?

    I would like to know, if its ok to run cooling pad along with laptop continuously ?

    My cooling pad is USB connected one and usually I don't take the usb plug off when turning on or off

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    i dont think that would be such a problem for you or anyone else ..

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    I've sold tons of cooling pads that are connected using a USB port. I have received tons of positive reviews. So yes, it's ok to run a cooling pad along with your laptop continuously.
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    When you turn of the computer you shut off the power so your cooling pad will shut down as well, so like said above it should be no problem. But if your worried you can always just unplug it.

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    I dont think it would make any difference.


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    You can use it, no issues....

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    Notebooks are well built, they can support 24/7 running.

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    Ya I use my cooling pad on my Dell pretty much 24/7 no problems. Without the cooling pad Dell shuts down every once and a while.

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    One of my friend have the same things like yours.He works on it badly.I have not seen that he has faced any problem with it.So hope you will also not.


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    cooling pad is good for the heating laptop,
    but dismerit of colling pad is that
    its less the total time of the battery
    if this not happen then colling pad is best

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    Yes, cooling pad connected with laptop will give favorable results as I also have this for many years.

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    My Dell studio remains ON for months here in the hot, humid and dusty weather, but it runs without issues as it sits atop "NZXT CRYO LX Aluminum Notebook Cooler", I bought this laptop and the notebook cooler in 2009.

    So far from from my experience, if you use your laptop for long hours, do use a laptop/notebook cooler, better if it has it's own power source.
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    There is no problem at all to use it.i am already use it.....Good Luck

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