My intention is to load the vmdk windows snap to a xen hvm server as in iso much like loading a iso of any image on a xen hvm vps.

I have taken a vmdk snap and converted it into a raw file format
with the following tool and command in windows cmd

qemu-img convert Windows_XP_Professional-01.vmdk -O raw Windows_XP_Professional-01.img

after completion i run this command on the new img file

qemu-img info Windows_XP_Professional-01.img

And i see raw File format
Which i understand is correct and as far as the info i found that's all that needs to be done just rename the extension to .iso and it can be loaded on all hvm xen vps.

However when i try to load it with power iso or magic iso i get
Error, File now Found or Not a Cd image

Can someone tell me if there is anything else i need to do or is that normal since its in raw format?

Is there a way to test this is ok on a xen hvm besides uploading it?