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    Best Colodeal in the Netherlands: 1/1 Rack + 100Mbit +8A power 529,00

    For a very special limited time offer TwiLight INC is happy to announce a quick fill our racks special. This deal is based upon a very limited ammount of racks and is only valid as long there is availability.

    Full 19 inch rack plus 100 Mbit 95% on Gbit feed plus 8 Amps of power on 32A breaker for only 529,00 euro's. This offer is only valid for new customers.

    Minimum contractterm: 6 months.
    Extra power: 15ct per kWh 25,00/Amps
    Maximum of three racks per customer and as long as availability is in order.

    So you get:

    Power: 8 Amps (230V) (32A Breaker)
    1x 21CE Slot powerbar
    1x 8 port Remote Reboot powerbar
    Port: 2x1000Mbps
    Bandwidth: 100 Mbps 95th percentile
    IP Addresses: 64 /26
    Datacenter: Serverius Dronten
    24x7 Support
    24x7 Access

    For only 529,00

    This offer overrules our current on WHT going adverts.
    Call +31645544440 for availability and terms.
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    TwiLight INC - Our products: (managed) Colocation, Dedicated servers, RTO, Transit
    Phone: +31 38 777 3112 E-mail: [email protected] Support: [email protected]
    Our Services: 24/7 Support, Ordering, Placing and Access Dial: +31 38 777 3112

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