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    Cool SunHost Web Host Template (PSD)

    Sun Host Web Host Template is designed by BlaZeX keeping in mind the bright sunshine colours. Its a perfect and a much appealing design for a web hosting company. The design can be coded into any CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. or it can be coded into a standalone xHTML/CSS template. This depends on the buyer. Also, its perfect if you are willing to attract more potential clients by presenting them a clean, sleek & neat design which is easy to navigate and get used to.


    Full Preview (Click Here)

    Plans Page

    Full Preview (Click Here)

    Layer Grouping:

    Why Layer Grouping is important ?
    Imagine what itís like opening a Photoshop file (PSD), only to find a jumble of poorly labeled layers and folders, plus a heap of unchecked hidden layers and other half-baked ideas that didnít make it to fruition. If you have grouped and labeled your layers properly, then the coder will have an ease while coding and understanding the whole design.

    Price : 56$
    It'll be sold only once so that it remains unique to the buyer. You'll be getting only the PSD as it is not a coded design.

    Payment Details:
    Paypal / Alertpay - Global Hosting Solutions
    We offer Shared, VPS & Dedicated Servers in multiple locations.
    Locations: Korea, Netherlands, Panama, Hongkong, Taiwan, Turkey, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Lithuania, South America, Vietnam.

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    is that offer still available??

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