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    Question Apache mod_php for Nginx

    Since I have heard about excellent performance of Nginx, I wish to switch to Nginx; but the problem is that it runs with FastCGI. When running CGI scripts as domain owner, it consumes RAM for each domain. Having lots of domains on a server will need hundreds of MB of RAM; though with apache mod_php, it is about 100MB (no matter how many websites, but only dependent on the number of apache processes).

    I tried lighttpd, but because of this problem I switched back to apache. I want to know is there an alternative mod_php in Nginx ?

    P.S. The main problem with mod_php is less safety for multi-user servers (e.g. resellers); but I run everything under one admin account.

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    if it's just you, then why are you making more php-fcgi pools for each website?

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    Hello etrader,
    it is often suggested to use Nginx with PHP-fpm and xCache.

    Have you tried this combination?
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