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    Kinda on topic, are PHP jobs available in your city?

    I noticed that there are a ton of recruiters/staffing agencies stating that so many high paying PHP jobs are available in my city. I go in for an interview, take a PHP test and pass, fill out their long application, and at the end of the interview they tell me that they are excited to have me and will contact me right away when a PHP job is available. However I never get contacted, and when I touch base a week or so later, I am told to keep waiting. Is it like this in your city too? I am also beginning to wonder if perhaps this is their way of saying that they do not want me?

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    Lots of recruitment going on in London currently .
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    this is unrelated to php programming...

    but i have gone to jobs before where they say they need 20 people with XXX skills, and they refuse to accept me as i worked full time, so i quit my job (i was going to quit for 12 months, and i spent 1 year to train my replacement so i could quit) so when i find the job, i finally quit the old job, and the agency tells me they still need 20 people to do XXX job, and i sign up, and yeah several weeks just waiting as they really had 0 work. Took weeks for something to finally open up, but i did finally get work (though when you have 2 mortgages, and an agency looks at your resume, and you skills, and work history and guarantees you a job the instant you leave your existing job and then having to wait 2months because they have no jobs really, they should be shot)

    other agencies also advertised they have high demand for my skills and they claimed they were desperate for people with my skills so i signed up with them as well and same thing, end up waiting for them to have positions open up.

    trick is that often agencies will try to get a contract for say 10 workers to do XXX or 20 workers to do XXX, so the agency has to source enough people to handle the contract, if they cant get enough people to handle the contract by the deadline, then they dont get the contract.

    lets say 20 jobs open for php programming and the company wants to go through a recruitment agency, and lets say 10 job agencies are competing to fill those spots, thats potentially 200 jobs advertised, but really its just a couple of jobs.

    One place i worked at (i was not affected) but a disagreement between the agency and the business meant the contract was cancelled, meaning that alot of long term workers were instantly gone, and the jobs were filled by a new agency.

    While this wasnt for PHP programmers, the concept could be similar to what ive mentioned above.

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    Thanks for sharing mad matt

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    There's an assload of PHP jobs in London right now. Sounds like you have more of a recruitment company issue than a job finding one. Go for a real advertised job and if you don't get those politely ask for feedback (most don't mind you asking). Should tell you if/what you're doing anything wrong.

    Some of the PHP user groups are also useful for this sort of thing, should be able to find out who the smart recruiters are etc. At PHP london a few good recruiters regularly turn up too.
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    Here in Nashville jobs always open, I hope to get a new one next week. Was just at PHPtek in Chicago, one guy walking around with a sign on his back that he was hiring -- a lot of shops were hiring there. You can always work remotely as well!
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    Im thinking that you've applied to a head hunter not to the real company. Head hunters do it, they will screen you and hunt job for you. It is good but direct hiring is much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_matt View Post
    an agency looks at your resume, and you skills, and work history and guarantees you a job the instant you leave your existing job and then having to wait 2months because they have no jobs really, they should be shot
    It's extremely rare for software/IT recruiting to be able to guarantee you a job without having gone through any interviews or even meeting the client. It's even more dubious for them to complain about you being in full-time employment, and suggesting that quitting your current job would help your chances of re-employment at another company is downright deceitful (or ignorant, if you did it out of your own will).

    There are a lot of high-paying PHP jobs, but finding people with the skill to fill them isn't so easy.

    If you sign up with a legitimate agency, give them your CV, portfolio etc. and don't even get called for an interview it means one of two things:
    • Nobody offering a 'high-paying position' thinks your skill set is suitable for the job (very common).
    • The agency hasn't sent your CV out to anybody (unlikely).

    Quite frankly we're on a 100:1 ratio of CVs & interviewable candidates to people worth employing, with the major problem being a serious lack of non-PHP tech skills / comprehension.

    The better tech recruitment agencies usually have a much more in-depth understanding of who's the right person for the job and won't even send your CV off if you're seriously underqualified.
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    In london there are loads of PHP programmers jobs . And I think that is a head hunter/recruitment agency which tells you they will contact you but they never contact you back. They have your details in their list

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