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    463 Join our successful family! Several positions open!

    Hello all,

    I am here to offer a few positions. Firstly I would like to point out we are looking only for people who understand about the in and outs of a hosting business. Money isn't made over night, it takes time and hard work.

    Job positions: Support Manager X 1, Advertisers X 10, Public Affairs X 1


    Support Manager - You will be in charge of all support personal plus be a online presence in the live and ticket support systems. Pay will be based on a percentage of all company sales.

    Advertisers - We are looking for people around the world to locally advertise. Including going into business, pitching our idea and getting large sum sales. You will need to conduct yourself as a professional. Pay will be based on direct sales, and also on that of all company sales.

    Public Affairs - You will be in charge of posting on forum communities on behalf of our company. You will manage the news coming from our company, posting any stories about what we are doing, new features, managing facebook, twitter, and several other accounts. You will be paid small salary per hour, plus part of all company sales.

    For any of these positions please send me an email of what you would like to apply for with some information about yourself. The email is jobs @

    Thank you for reading!

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    I just dropped you an E-mail, Kindly Check.

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    I send an E-Mail ....Please Check it...

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    Email sent, I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time in reviewing it.
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    We are looking through the applications now, We have received over 75. Thanks for the response everyone.

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