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    Morning all.

    I am looking to sell my website,, complete with domain name, uBot source files, youtube account with demo videos and client list.

    The site has only been up a few months but gets a good amount of traffic and sales through organic search traffic and from forums.

    The only bot that doesn't come with the sale is the cPanel backup bot as I am using that for myself, however if its a deal breaker we can talk it over.

    The site is just over four months old in its current form and currently has 11 bots for free and for sale.

    For a couple of months I posted daily proxy lists to the site which drew a few more visitors in. I haven't posted them for a few weeks and the traffic still comes in to the site.

    Payment proof as well as the statistics from AWStats are available for you at:

    The parts blanked out in the PayPal screen shot are payments that are not connected with the Custom Bot site. Since February, I have made $521 from the sales of the few bots on the site.

    As I said, all bots are created with uBot so if you want to further develop the bots you will need access to the uBot Studio software - whether thats your own copy or you get a freelancer to look at them (there are some good guys on the uBot forum itself that will be able to help if needed).

    If you are the successful bidder, I will provide a cPanel backup of the main size and the other associated sites (one for the bot GUI, one for client downloads and one for the splash screens on bots) will be provided in an archive file (they are currently hosted on an Ubuntu VPS away from the main site). The domain name is with Namecheap and will be pushed to your account.

    Bids start at $300 (sell between 4 and 6 bots and get your money back!)
    Buy it now price is $1000
    Increments in $20
    Auction ends: Mid-day 11th June 2011 (BST)

    If you have any questions, please PM me here or email me: [email protected]

    Many thanks for your time.
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    Is it still available?

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