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    Just thought I'd say hi :)

    Been browsing these forums now for years and never managed to join!

    So a little about me...

    I am a university student studying in Australia, enjoying it thus far. I like sport, especially basketball and tennis and I'm into IT and all things relating to it.

    I originally owned an Australian based web hosting company that provided reseller all the way through to dedicated hosting. Unfortunately my provider shut their doors and decided to run away with my 7 machines and not to return my phone calls... not to mention my clients machines, so unfortunately I now have to start again from scratch like I did all those years ago by renting a dedicated server and slowing rebuilding.

    I am planning on starting a professional web hosting company that will make use of all the resources and advise given on these forums, primarily targeting small business within Australia. Eventually I will re-rent/colo servers again in Australia, however from now I have rented a "Storm Cloud Server" as the support and uptime is amazing.

    Anyway, that is just about my life story. Just thought I'd say hi!

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    i wish i knew what you knew

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