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    Server recommendation

    Can anyone please recommend VPS or dedicated server and also a reliable provider for the same.

    My requirements is as follow

    1. Need full control(root access) over the server to install and run the applications.
    2. Should support video streaming.
    3. Support of Video conversion to FLV format and stream metadata injection

    Config I am looking for is 3.6Ghz with 4 MB cache, 4GB RAM, 120GB storage and 1.5TB monthly bandwidth.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I would suggest for your requirements. contact them for a custom plan according to your requirements.
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    I dont think 120 GB storage would be enough for video hosting, make it somewhere more than 300 GB
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    You should go for dedicated server according to your requirements. There is number of good hosting companies which offer dedicated server but you should compare their plans before to moving towards one.

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    better for u if u rent dedicated server
    u can try search to
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