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    Unable to compile class for JSP

    I installed apache tomcat via easy apache and installed serverlet also to selected domaian

    Then .jsp files are running properly, But after uploaded my application to our server. then I run it. login page working properly, but after typed username password and click submit button. then coming jsp error message.

    You can see it with using below details
    user : manager
    pass : abcd.1234

    I run it on another server, its working properly you also can see it from.
    user : manager
    pass : abcd.1234

    if someone know how to fix this issue, please tell me

    Thank you...

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    Have you also uploaded your .class files in the WEB-INF/classes directory and the .jar files in the WEB-INF/lib directory? I would also warn you not to give login details of an application like this in an open discussion forum as it may be a security risk.
    Prashant T.

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