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    Need Advise


    this is my first post in this forum.

    I made a forum way back in 2003 at proboards. It has adult contents and the forum was suspended after two years. It had 3,000 members.

    Out of fun, I decided to revived the forum again this year still under proboards based on sentimental value .. It had 500 members after a week.. and was suspended again by proboards

    So, this time. I'm planning to create a new forum under a paid hosting and domain.

    I'm not sure what the bandwidth and other technical stuff requirements..

    But basically i will run a site with a forum as its main feature and with Adult Contents.

    So, i need a paid webhost that allows Adult contents and is forum friendly.

    Im not an expert coder so ready available scripts would be nice.

    I checked with hostmonster and they said they do not allow ADULT content. same with lunar.

    So, which webhost should i go for? Budget would ideally be less than 100$ / year.

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    You can check out hostgator, adult content is allowed.

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    Can I host adult websites at WebHostingPad?

    Yes, WebHostingPad allows adult website hosting.
    Hope this help.

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    thanks will check those..

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    i checked the link..

    i have one issue though..

    What’re the available payment methods for WebHostingPad?

    WebHostingPad accept all sort of credit card payment but not PayPal and Check.

    I plan to pay through paypal..

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    I would say check out alot of host sites. Read their Terms of Service(TOS) to see if they allow hosting of adult material. You can start by looking at Host Gator as mentioned by Lincxu but I would keep an open mind and look at many hosts before you make your decision. Every host should have a TOS so look for the one that fits your needs the best.

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    thanks.. i already inquired with gator.

    I'm already doing your suggestion prior to my posting this question.

    Just wanted to ask peeps here coz i believe most guys here knows already knows a lot regarding this stuff.

    thanks for your suggestion

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    No problem dta1976. Read the reviews on the hosts here and check out each TOS to make sure the host you go with allows everything you want to do.

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    I believe hostgator will be your right choice, wish to hear your feedback about their service.

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    Are you expecting your forum to once again have 500 members after one week? If so, then you are surely going to find your-self in the same predicament as before.
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    Hostgator allow adult content BUT (yes there's a but)

    1) make sure you are within the legal requirements

    * must be 18 years (or older) this is 21 in some us states
    * no adult content that involve(or display) minors(illegal)
    *watch out with rape images/videos (rape itself is illegal and considerd female unfriendly)
    *no pics with or videos with animals....

    but i'm afraid if you get 500 members after a week allot of hosts will shut you down

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    Stay away from hosts that offer "UNLIMITED" Disk Space/Bandwidth. This is pure ******** and their strategy to attract more people. They basically crowd their servers with a lot of accounts which makes the servers slow and down frequently.

    In the webhosting industry, you get what you pay for. So avoid getting into the traps of "Cheap Hosting Companies."

    You can ask the following companies if they'll be able to host you on a dedicated ip.,

    I have a forum hosted @ MDD with over 5,000 members which is loading at exceptionally well speeds. []

    Hope I helped.

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    If you had that many members after only a week and plan on growing, i think you should be looking for a VPS server plan. Budget will not be alot higher then your projected $100 a year. But keep in mind you will get what you pay for. If you are going to spend the time getting things up and running and by the sounds of it what you offer is popular, then pay alittle bit more and keep the site running :-) As for the adult content issue, a simple look at any hosts TOS will alsmost always answer this but at the same time you can always ask them.

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