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    Datacenter in Delhi, India (need to start DC)

    planning to start a DC for
    1. web hosting
    2. space selling

    in Delhi/NCR, India. Need info about cost involved from cooling to computer's.

    Thanks in advance, cheers

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    Think about import duties and taxes on the CRACs, UPS's, Generators, Racks, Routers, Switches, Servers.

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    Bandwidth costs in India are very high.

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    If you have the money to invest in this business, better start with colocating at Later with experience and incoming cash you can setup your own DC.
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    Yeah. It would definitely be wise to start colocating your own hardware. This will save you some cash as well as let you stockpile hardware parts for when you can move over to a datacenter you build.

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    At a total cost of US$5 million, TeleHouse Vietnam is designed and equipped with systems in line with global Tele House standards. The centre, which sits on a 1,900 m2 site, completely meets global data centre Telehouse standards to ensure round-the-clock security for customers’ database and minimize any risks, even during power cuts.

    TeleHouse Vietnam General Director, Dao Vu Long said this centre will operate in principle of strictly abiding by more than 100 criterias set by TeleHouse and ensuring information security and absolute safety for customers.
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    RedStation (UK)

    Redstation, a leading UK web-host and colocation provider has announced the opening of its new 4,000 square foot data center facility in Gosport, Hampshire, on ex-Ministry of Defence land to accommodate the strong demand for colocation from the internet and enterprise markets as well as providing additional capacity for its own network.

    The company built the sophisticated 1.5m facility from the ground up and now provides the most advanced data center facilities in the area. Lynda Dine, head of economic prosperity at Gosport Borough Council welcomed Redstation's investment. 'We believe that Redstation, through the introduction of their high speed internet connections will be responsible for dramatically improving Gosport's business environment. Their sophisticated data center, offering internet services to the local area will be a huge asset.'

    Security and environmental features include VESDA smoke detection, FM200 gas fire suppression, redundant UPS systems, high capacity under floor cooling and backup diesel generators. In addition, the center boasts gigabit fibre links to London and up to 20 Amps of power per rack.

    Redstation Managing Director Lance Taylor said the company is already reviewing potential sites for a second, larger data center in the Portsmouth area which it hopes to start constructing in 2008 for completion in 2009.
    You will only find out how good a provider is when the going gets tough

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGotzmann View Post
    Think about import duties and taxes on the CRACs, UPS's, Generators, Racks, Routers, Switches, Servers.
    I would add bribes , political connections and the issues of property rights to the above.

    Hope you are acclimated to the business environment and the way of doing business in India. "British invented bureaucracy and the Indians perfected it" - still valid today.

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    This is now getting interesting. I discovered this place on the internet and thought I might say well done.
    I like this forum because of posts like this much appreciated especially at what i'm wanting to accomplish.

    Does someone have any further reading? Where is the best place to get started on here on this website?

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