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Anyone familiar with Lightcrest?

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Old 06-03-2011, 09:05 PM
lockbull lockbull is offline
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Anyone familiar with Lightcrest?

Anyone have experience with--or know anything--about Lightcrest managed hosting? From what I can gather, they're pretty new (started in mid-2010), are based in LA, and the former chief architect of MySpace is the CEO. I had a client recently mention them to me after seeing an advertisement; I'm pretty tuned in to the mid and upper end managed hosting market, but I'd never heard of them before.

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Old 06-06-2011, 07:48 AM
Henry wilson Henry wilson is offline
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Consider LightCrest if you're looking for dedicated hosting.They provide good services as well as good technical support.

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Old 06-13-2011, 05:42 PM
lightcrest lightcrest is offline
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Lightcrest was not founded in 2010, we've been around for longer than that.

Although we do provide dedicated and cloud server solutions, our specialty is complex managed services/hosting and professional services (network engineering, specialized sysadmin, high performance computing, etc.) If you need special considerations for high availability load balancing, geographical redundancy, large scale CDN integration, etc., we're the folks to call.

Feel free to give us a call on our toll-free number if you have any questions. Our team will be happy to chat with you.


Michael Hughes
Lightcrest LLC

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Old 06-28-2011, 04:00 PM
punchcat punchcat is offline
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I just signed up with Lightcrest on Thursday June 23rd and this is my experience with them so far.

The only reason I chose to go with them is that they claim to have a lot of experience with hosting large, high traffic sites. And of course I plan to have a very large, very high traffic site. But we all have to start somewhere.

I had chatted online with one of their reps on at least 3 separate occasions. The main points I let each person know, is that I will need to upgrade to managed hosting in the future, but would like to start with a smaller package to begin with. I also said that this is my first time putting a site online and have no clue what to do. I don't even know what linux is. And that I have built my site with Drupal.

They suggested I start with a VPS, then migrate to managed when the time comes. I thought that was a good place to start. Again I told them that I have no experience with putting up a website so have a lot more questions. The rep told me to go online and order a package, then someone will contact me to see what I need.

So I did that, I order the $75/month vps package and waited for a rep to contact me. Little did I know, that I would get an automated message saying someone was configuring my server already and would contact me when it was ready.

When the server was ready, they sent me my password. I replied, did you know I'm using Drupal? He said no, and then had to reconfigure some stuff. Should have contacted me first don't you think?

The password he gave me, I had no idea what it was for. There is a client login area on their site, so I assumed that it was for that. It wasn't. I asked him, what is the password for? My site is not working. No reply.

The next day, still no reply so I used the chat feature on their site. I told them that clean urls needed to be enabled on my server to have my site work. As well, what is the password for? They told me I need to download winscp and enter the password there. Am I suppose to just know that? Nobody gave me any instructions and that info is not found on their site anywhere. This is also when I found out that nobody will be helping me to get my site work with just the $75 VPS package. He said these packages are meant for people who have experience using or administering linux... or something like that. So then my bf helped me configure and install some stuff on the server just to get the site to work. Took us, or rather him, all day!

I built the site on my localhost and everything works there. Having no experience with websites or hosting companies, I had assumed that the hosting company would help you put up a working site?!

I told the guy in the chat that prior to signing up, I had mentioned several times that this is my first time and that I don't even know what linux is, and that the previous reps just keep telling me to sign up saying someone will help me. He said if I'm dissatisfied, they can refund my money.

That is not the right answer. What he should have said is that they were sorry for misleading me and that they would be glad to help me get my site working so that they could keep me as a customer. That would have been the right answer.

It is now Tuesday June 28th. My site mostly works, thanks to my bf, but it is still using the ip address and not the domain name I had registered. On Saturday I had changed my nameserver to light's nameserver as I had been registered with Verio previously. (BTW after being told not to use the chat feature to ask questions about help with my site, I sent them an email asking what their nameserver was so I can change it. No reply. Luckily I didn't waste my time waiting for a reply and did a search online, as 3 days later, there is still no reply to that question) Yesterday I got Verio to check why it still isn't working and they said to contact light crest cause the domain is not resolving to the server. I forwarded the email to light crest this morning and now waiting for that reply.

If you go to Light crest's VPS info page, down at the bottom it has a list of things that are 'always included' one item is, 24/7/365 live tech support. Another is personal account manager. So I started another live chat session and asked if I have a personal account manager, he said no. I asked who I can contact for support, is there live chat available? He said send an email to support. I asked what is the average reply time. He said for VPS, replies are within business hours, not 24 hours. I said it's misleading that the info on your VPS page says 24/7/365 live tech support and personal account manager. He said people paying $20/month shouldn't expect 24hour service. It is only for managed hosting plans. I didn't want to argue the misleading info so I left it at that.

There is no fine print on that page, it says 'always included'. That means always included! So the service they say you get with VPS is not really the service you get. So now I have to wait for hours or even days for someone to reply to my email so I can get my domain working? I feel that the reps tricked me into signing up. Where is the help that they promised in the beginning? If it was not for my bf helping me, I would have paid $75 for a site that doesn't even work!

At this point, I am very unsatisfied, and if it was not for their experience with hosting high traffic sites, I would have cancelled my account for lack of service and their misleading promises to help an inexperience person.

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Old 06-28-2011, 04:44 PM
punchcat punchcat is offline
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Do you know how to edit or delete the post?

Old 06-28-2011, 05:06 PM
ransome ransome is offline
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Originally Posted by punchcat View Post
Do you know how to edit or delete the post?
why do u want to delete post ?
Editing post is not possible after 3 - 5 minutes since the post is made, u have to contact staff if u want help in editing the post.

Your review on the site is pretty horrifying for me to say for a host that's charging $75 which u could have acquired for much lesser in wht offers section fully managed for better support. (if its a high-end system then no-comments.)

Old 06-29-2011, 01:17 PM
lightcrest lightcrest is offline
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Complete novice demanding custom development and sysadmin work

Ladies and Gentlemen, in her very own words:

> The password he gave me, I had no idea what it was for.

> He said if I'm dissatisfied, they can refund my money.

> He said these packages are meant for people who have experience using or administering linux... or something like that.

> this is my first time and that I don't even know what linux is

Our engineers manually helped her configure her Linux installation, install, configure, and deploy Drupal, and configured DNS for her. One of our engineers sat down and helped her for _more than two hours_. This is all for a VPS slice - I feel we went above and beyond what any reasonable person could expect for a VPS slice. We like to take care of our customers; usually our customers take care of us as well.

This person simply does not know what a VPS is, what she bought, or how web sites work in general - which is fine. And as she said in her post - we immediately offered her a full and complete refund when we realized she was a novice, to no avail. She just kept demanding, demanding, demanding more help configuring her web app installation, custom Drupal modules, and additional development help. And when she didn't get that help from us, she slandered us on the internet.

We are a complex managed hosting provider and offer VPS products as a convenience and value-add to our customers. Our VPS instances are supported 24/7 at the systems and network level - if it goes down, we will go to the ends of the earth to restore your service. We will perform reasonable amounts of application-level help on our VPS slices as goodwill, as was done here.

We are extremely disappointed that a single VPS customer was expecting many hours of custom application support and then turned to public slander on the internet when she did not receive what she unreasonably demanded.

Caveat Venditor.

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Old 06-30-2011, 08:01 PM
punchcat punchcat is offline
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Mislead to sign up because of false promises.

Quoted from above:
"This person simply does not know what a VPS is, what she bought, or how web sites work. As she said in her post - we immediately offered her a refund when we realized she was a novice, to no avail."

Exactly! I have no experience whatsoever and have never hidden that fact. You are missing the point. Why then, on 3 separate occasions, did you tell me to sign up even after I told you that I have no clue what to do? That is the point! You should have recommended me to do something else or at least warn me that I would need to install some code and know a little bit about servers and linux. The whole reason I chatted with you at least 3 times before signing up is that I wanted to make sure that your company understands that I do not know how to set up a server! No programming knowledge, nothing! I wanted to make sure that when I sign up for your service, that you could have my site online, working, exactly how I have it on my localhost. Do you understand yet? You should not have kept saying, sign up and someone will help you. You should have told me in the begining that perhaps your vps package is not suitable for an inexperience person. That would have been the truthful answer and could have prevented all of this, wouldn't you say?

And if you read my first post above, I said, AFTER I signed up, I get told that I should have some experience with linux. AFTER, not before. AFTER. And AFTER I sign up, is when I also found out that your 'Always Included' 24/7/365 live tech support, is not 'Always Included' for the little guys starting off with a $75/month vps package. As you said in the chat, 'people on a $20/month vps package should not expect 24 hours service. That's rather arrogant of you to say. So the little guys aren't important to your company because they don't spend the big dollars? Nice imagine to impress upon your clients. Then why do you have 'always included 24/7/365 live tech support' on your vps info page? That is false advertising and misleading.

Your site specifically says that you can build a custom VPS or managed server tuned specifically for a clustered Drupal environment. Which is another reason why I chose you as it leads me to believe that you have a lot of experience with clients who use Drupal. Should I not have thought that? My site is just a standard Drupal install with some additional Drupal modules. No special, custom, out of the ordinary files. If you are telling me now that it was such a difficult task to set up my server, then what does that say about your experience with Drupal? Your site says that you (your company) can build a custom VPS tuned for Drupal. It doesn't say, clients will have to do it themselves. So don't make it seem like you put in so much effort just to help me, when it is something you say your company can do and is part of the setup process when a client subscribes to your hosting service.

And what are you referring to here? "Demanding more help configuring her web app installation, custom Drupal modules, and additional development help" Please give examples.

I will recap step by step what happened so it is easier for you to read and hopefully comprehend:

1) After making absolutely sure during chat, that you are aware that I have no knowledge of servers, linux or how to get my site online, you assure me that after I sign up, someone will help me. So I did.

2) Thursday night the engineer begins to set up my server. He was very nice and even asked what version of phpmyadmin I was using. Unfortunately after his last correspendence of the evening, I was left with a site that was not working, and I had no access to my files that were now on the server.

3) I emailed him and asked what the password was for. No reply, as he had probably gone home for the evening. I try the 24hr online chat, no reply the whole evening.

4) Friday morning I find you on chat and ask if the engineer is in yet, you said yes and that I should wait for his reply.

5) After 3 hours of no reply, I find you on chat again and, now agitated that I had lost so many hours, not having access to my files, just waiting for someone to tell me where I can enter my password. (All you had to do in your password email was to say, 'to gain access to your files, download winscp and enter this password') Other companies give such instructions. Learn from this experience.

6) Having no access to my files or server, I read online that the reason my site is not working is because clean urls are not enabled on the server. I have a clean url Drupal module that is already enable on my version of the site, and works fine on my localhost, so I didn't know what that means exactly when it says it needs to be enabled on the server. As I did not have access to the server, I just repeated to you what I found online, hoping that you would understand and know what to do.

7) You finally tell me to download WinSCP. Thank you!! That's all I needed. So after that, I took matters into my own hands, now that I know how to access my files, and spent all of friday getting my site to work. Didn't ask you another question did I?

8) Tuesday is when I forwarded you the email from Verio about my dns resolving issue. Thanks to the engineer for taking care of that for me

9) Seeing on your vps page that 'always included' was a personal account manager, I was curious as to who my manager was, which is why I found you on chat that day. Then I asked you about the support service, which is when you replied that $20 vps customers should not expect 24 hours service. And of course I pointed out that it says 'always included' on your site.

10) Not wanting to argue the point with you, I closed the chat. Was curious if others had written any reviews about the service from your company. Which is when I came across this message board and thought it was a good idea to share my experience with others.

So for these 2 times that you helped me... telling me to download winscp, and then pointing my domain to the ip, you are calling me demanding? I still don't understand what custom Drupal modules and additional development help you claim that I asked you for? Care to elaborate?

For the record, I'm thankful to the engineer or engineers who helped set up my server. I am not upset with their service, they have been very polite to me. What I was upset about was the guy in chat, you, telling me to sign up, knowing I had no experience. Then after I sign up, you tell me the vps is for people with experience and then you tell me that I should't expect much support as a vps client, even though it says 24hrs on your site. Your attitude just wasn't very nice. And now with your new post, you are just making yourself look worse! Cause now you are saying the I wasn't entitled to that help, that you have gone above and beyond for me as a customer that only has a $75 vps slice. So you see, my encounters with you, not others in your company, is what has caused all this. I found a hosting company that does offer 24hour support, even for the cheap $5 shared hosting packages. And they are so nice and helpful! They have over a hundred live support staff online 24hrs, now that's service!

And this is not slander. I merely shared my experience which I have every right to do so. Do you always ask people to remove their posts when it is not to your liking and tell them you no longer want them as a client if they don't? So to answer Junior Guru, that is why I asked how to edit or delete my first post, because he said he would only keep me as a client if I remove it. I had spent all that time getting my site to work and didn't want to have wasted my time, so I messaged the help desk to help me remove it but they refused, oh well. For the company's sake I wasn't going to post a reply to Junior Guru as it does not look good that you have asked me to remove my post or else deny me service, but you chose to continue the post, and from your email the other night, have alreay chosen not to keep me as a client, so what reason do I have to keep your secret? I think you have now dug yourself a deeper hole. Your company may be great at what they do, but you need some more customer service skills. You asking me to delete my post or else deny me service is very unprofessional. I'd like to know what others think about this. Has this ever happened to anyone?

Many people will post their experiences and opinions of various hosting companies. There is nothing wrong with that, isn't that what this forum is for? The most valuable posts for a company, are the ones where people are upset. That is when you should listen and use that information to improve your company and customer service so that you may move forward and be a better company. You don't tell people to remove their posts and threaten to deny them service. Have you done this to other people as well? Is that why you told me that your company has to pay to remove the posts because you speak from experience?

So tell me, what was it that I 'unreasonably demanded'? To have my site online after I warned you multiple times that I have no clue of how to set it up online myself? I did not mislead you. You mislead me. And after you told me to download winscp, I figured out how to get the site working by myself remember? And did not ask for your help again until I needed that ip thing resolved. Was the ip thing the 'unreasonable demand' you are referring to? If so I apologize as I did not realize I should not be asking that of you with only a $75 vps package.

If you're so concerned about your company image, you should have thought twice about continuing this conversation

And since you made it clear that you do not want me as a client because of my first post, then please refund my money and cancel my account.

Thanks again to the engineer, he has still been very nice to me. I'm sorry to have wasted his efforts now by cancelling my service, but when a co-founder of the company reacts in this manner to a mere forum post, continuing to do business together just doesn't seem right.

All you had to do was acknowledge that yes, perhaps by telling me to sign up at least 3 times, knowing I lacked experience, was probably not the right thing to do and apologize for misleading me. And I would have said, no worries, the site works now, and that's all I wanted. But no, you have to insist that I either delete my post or discontinue my service and say that I asked for more help than a VPS slice customer deserved. Can you not see that you have just dug yourself an even bigger hole with your lastest post?

1) You enforced my point, that I had no experience. Yes that is correct! Which is why you should not have told me to sign up!

2) If your engineers had really spent so much time helping me on thursday and went above and beyond as you put it, and still the site was not working, then what does that say about your experience with a simple Drupal install and your claim that you can build a custom VPS or managed server tuned specifically for a clustered Drupal environment.

3) You would rather lose a customer completely then take a few minutes to help them set up a working site? The engineers had no problem, it seems you are the one who had the problem with me asking about things I don't understand. I still have no clue what custom Drupal module and additional development you are claiming that I demanded from you.

4) You said I was expecting many hours of custom application support? No, actually I expected the transition to get my site online to be a rather easy and painless process. You being a hosting company and having done this procedure hundreds of times, should not have had any trouble. All I wanted was my site to be online so I can continue working on it. I know how to use Drupal. I don't however, know how to set up a server. If I'm not mistaken, those are 2 very different things.

5) By your comments, you leave the impression that a client signed up for your vps service is not worthy of your additional help. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from larger companies who treat all their clients in a professional manner, no matter how little they are paying.

Please don't phone me, I will not answer your call.

I would love to hear what people think after reading these posts! So please post your opinions


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