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    IBM x3650 2x dual-core 3ghz/4mb, 16GB RAM, 6x 300GB 15k rpm SAS w/ rails

    I have the following IBM server for sale. The server is currently located at Continuum in Lombard, IL but I can ship anywhere if you dont want to colo it there.

    Server specs is as follows.
    IBM x3650 7979-71u 2u server w/ rails.
    2x xeon 5160 dual core CPU 3.0ghz/4mb cache/1333mhz bus
    16GB DDR2 ECC REG memory (12 slots in machine 4x2gb dimm, 8x1gb dimm)
    6x seagate 300GB 15,000RPM SAS hard drive
    IBM serveraid 8k-l raid controller
    IBM RSA 2 IPMI/OOB card
    2x 835w power supplies.

    Asking $1000 for this machine but open to offers. The drives alone are worth this.

    The machine is already racked at continuum and loaded with a trial version of vmware ESXI. If you want to colo it at continuum make sure you contact tehm to get a quote. Otherwise like I said I have no problem shipping the hardware anywhere in the us48.

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    Just a passing question... are these st3300657ss?

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