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    * Make Your WHMCS Admin Portal Beautiful Again - SwiftModders

    This is without a doubt the best looking WHMCS Admin theme you will ever see and use. I completely redesigned and, where available, re-coded pages on WHMCS. The style is using the color-scheme from my web site and utilizes the latest in web development practices.

    *Note: This theme only supports the latest WHMCS release of 4.5.x

    Screenshots: Home Page | Clients List | Calendar | Settings | Client Summary | Support Ticket List

    Feature Highlights:

    • Free Updates for all theme changes!
    • Replaced use of old hosted jQuery with latest Google CDN hosted version.
    • Changed "My Notes" functionality to work using jQuery UI dialog function.
    • Adjusted the HTML and CSS for all editable areas of the template theme.
    • Removed unnecessary images for a lighter theme.
    • Used the latest CSS3 techniques to create a nice look and feel.
    • Redesigned Home Page, Support Ticket & Client Summary Areas
    • Implemented "Blend" theme Intelligent Search

    Latest Release Changes (1.0.5 | 05-28-2011)

    • Bug: Re-Added the highlight style for product association in viewticket.tpl
    • Cosmetic: Added spacing between the start of the reply box and the signature in viewticket.tpl
    • Cosmetic: Styled all input, select, and textarea fields for more consistency
    • Cosmetic: Re-styled the Predefined Reply section in viewticket.tpl
    • Cosmetic: Re-styled the Attachments section in viewticket.tpl

    Supported Browsers:

    • Firefox 3+ (FF 4 Recommended)
    • Internet Explorer 7+ (IE9 Recommended)
    • Opera
    • Safari
    • Chrome

    *Note: This theme was designed to work with resolutions at 1280x1024 or greater. It will work on 1024x768, but may get a bit grumpy on some pages.
    SwiftModders - Professional Web Design Services & WHMCS Themes
    Web Designs catered to web hosting and software providers!
    Check out the top-rated WHMCS Admin Panel Theme by SwiftModders

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    Very good job, is very nice

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